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Carnival of Stars

July 22 & 23, 2017

Alameda Elks Lodge
2255 Santa Clara Ave,
Alameda, CA 94501

Pepper Alexandria


Artists Alley Cartoonists  &  Special Guests

Please Enter the Contest with your favorite Fantasy costume.

Sunday, July 23, 2017. 2:30 - 4 P.M.




Reda Darwish Drum Class
Sat. morning 11 am - 1 pm July 22, 2017
$35 in advance $40 at the door.


Majinga is a best-selling magic author, a twelve-time award winning magician and performance artist, and has been featured on multiple radio and television shows around the world. His best-selling "Book of Magic" by Klutz press (1994) sold two million copies. He has appeared on a PBS Bill Moyer's special, on NBC's "America's Got Talent", CBS, MTV, throughout hotels and casinos in Las Vegas, and featured on the Science Channel "Oddities San Francisco". Performing to date in 18 countries, his theatrical show "The Magique Bazaar" is the longest-running theatrical magic show in the San Francisco Bay Area (since 1998), also performing up and down the West coast. This is his first appearance at Carnival of Stars and he looks
forward to amazing you~!

Bay Area artist Jose Angeles draws everything from the weird and unusual to the cute and fuzzy, utilizing ballpoint pen and crayons. Most of his work is riddled with detail and uses rich vibrant colors to produce a surreal vision. His style is influenced by underground comix from the 70's, cartoons from the 80's and 90's, Garbage Pail Kids cards, Ed Roth, Mad Magazine, and Heavy Metal album covers. He has done art for various bands in the underground punk and metal scene and publishes various bizarre mini-comics. Recently he has ventured into 3-D art, sculpting colorful creatures and customizing found objects.

An American Painter and Historical Artist

In 1992, Becker started “Black Swan Press” where he wrote, published and illustrated his first in a successful series of 8 issues of “Blood Thirsty Pirate Tales” covering the history, period costumes, weaponry and historical tales of pirates throughout the world.

In 1993, Richard Becker was writer and illustrator of “Draw the Marvel Comics Super Heroes” for Klutz Press. The revised edition has been released with all new artwork, by Richard, in 2007.

In the mid-ninety’s, Becker was commissioned to do works for the History channel and A&E’s television series: “Sea Tales”. One of the episodes is titled: “Blackbeard’s Reign of Terror”.

One of Richard Becker’s paintings titled “My Treasure” can be seen on the 2003 DVD release of “Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl” in the section “An Epic at Sea” under costumes and makeup.

Annually, Becker has been an exhibitor at the “Gold Coast Pirate Festival” in Ojai, California where patrons come to see his works and commission his wonderful pirate art. He has also been requested to participate in a growing number of Festivals and Events.

Richard Becker has been teaching art classes over the past twenty years in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Over 30 of Richard Becker’s wonderful pirate illustrations are featured in a special edition of "Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl" in the section titled: "Scoundrels of the Sea" on "Blu-ray" DVD 2007.

Becker is currently producing "Pirates Tales" and "Vampire Legends" magazines.

Greg Beda is a cartoonist, writer, andself-publisher.  
Greg is the   creator of PostmodernAnXst, a comic book 
anthology that began in 1994. Nine issues of Postmodern 
AnXst have been published sofar, featuring series such 
as Rosewood, Postmodern Romance, and Zeke& Goulash.  
Greg has alsocreated many one-shot comic books, including 
the recent   magazine sized Zeke& Goulash “Nothing Special” 
Special. Greg’s playful  and insightful comics often focus 
on the bittersweetworld of dating and relationships.  
A bayarea native, Greg has a love of the popular arts,   
psychology, andspirituality. Greg has worked withpeople 
who have developmental disabilities for the past 20 years.  
Check out the Zeke & Goulash Facebook page for examples 
of Greg’s comics.                                                
BRUCE SIMON is the drawing 
half of the Underground Comix team known as   
Siegel & Simon. Their work appeared in SAVAGE HUMOR, 
SAN FRANCISCO COMIC BOOK and many others. 
Bruce has two books of his classic comix coming out from 
THE COMIX COMPANY this summer.
Jeff Brown is a lifelong fan of sci-fi, 
fantasy, and technology. One of   the things that brings these 
interests together is gaming and Jeff is an active player of 
role-playing games such as the Lord of the Rings online and
Mass Effect. In his other life, Jeff is the CIO of the 
University of North Carolina at Asheville, 
bringing his appreciation of good technology to every 
aspect of his job.  
Russell Hunsburger is a COS Costune Contest Judge. Fans of Jimmy Century, Mojo Man, Cinema Insomnia, Additional Subtraction, Music video actor and award winning sports car restorer.

Razael Cortes is an artist, animator and filmmaker from the Bay Area. A number of his original sci-fi and fantasy creations have graced the stage at Carnival of Stars over the years. He resides in San Francisco where he fills his cravings for film and music, as well as bartends to pay the bills.


Ed Martinez has been teaching for many years at the Academy of Cosmetic Arts in Los Gatos, and has held many seminars and workshops in addition to teaching at
the Academy of Art University San Francisco. One of his early films was the zombie classic The Dead Pit. He has worked on award-winning music videos, commercials, television shows, and of course feature films. Some of his
projects include "Amityville: A new Generation", "Retardead", Animal Planet's Hero Animals,
and the vampire film "The Damned."

At the Academy of Cosmetic Arts, he specializes in
instructing students on wounds, burns, lacerations and other casualty simulations in addition to old age and prosthetic makeup. He also teaches a special final class on
fantasy looks, airbrush body painting, and special effects.

Jacques Al~asmar was born in Accra, Ghana. He was raised in Beirut, Lebanon. For the past twenty-five years, he has lived in the United States. He has studied, performed and taught Internationally. His passion for dance was noticed at an early age.
Influenced by the legendary Nadia Gamal, Jacques watched his own body move in the same genre as Nadia Gamal. However, his lack of formal training in dance and cultural barriers held him back from pursuing a much loved art form. Jacques' formal training came at a later stage of his career. Thanks to the Legendary Amina of the ASWAN DANCERS, who trained, educated and supported Jacques, who became a dance sensation overnight.
Jacques is a co-founder of the popular Arabian Knights band and producer of Salamat Sundays in San Francisco, California. Currently he is in pursuit of a Ph.D in psychology at Argosy University in Atlanta, Georgia.
Jacques will return to the stage at Carnival of Starts for a highly anticipated performance.

James White is the Carnival of Stars ® webmaster. romulan.net

Co-Publisher with Pepper Alexandria of

Clone Comics ® and Belly Dance Comix ®.

Also lead member of The Clones ® and

The Romulans ® rock band. Member of

Blind Acceptance ®.


Our heartfelt condolences for Spain 1940  -  2012, family and friends. Spain was a longtime supporter of Carnival of Stars and attended every year. His presence and warm smile will be sorely missed.

SPAIN RODRIGUEZ, legendary underground cartoonist, and contributor to Zap Comix and many other classic titles, also created the first underground tabloid, Zodiac Mindwarp. His character Trashman, Agent of the Sixth International, was an icon in underground newspapers of the '60s and is in print today in Trashman Lives! Big Bitch, another popular Spain character, appears in She Comics. Spain's work currently appears in the online graphic novel Dark Hotel, at sfgate.com, the LA Weekley and Blab. His graphic novel, Nightmare Alley, was recently lauded by Time Magazine.  www.spainrodriguez.com



The Gang at WonderCon, San Francisco, CA

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